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Will A Franchise Bring You Power?

First it was that people’s first main reason they want to start their own franchise is because they were sick and tired of traveling. A very bizarre reason in my eyes, as I love traveling, but I guess many other more important people don’t. The second reason was that people wanted freedom. This is possible assuming that you pick the right franchise at the right time at the right place. Seems a little hard but you just gotta do some research, which anyone can do. Being free is by far one of America’s most wanted things out of anyone that works. Still surprised that it made only second. Guess that tells you something about some people. Oh well, the third and last reason that people want to buy a franchise is because they believe it will give them power. In this case, it can. Despite you buying the franchise, the franchisor is going to be the one that decides a bit of things for the business whether you like it or not. You ARE still the boss and people gotta listen to you, but technically you still have a boss as well. So you would not be 100% free but maybe more like 90% with some guidelines and rules. Like owning your first cell phone all over again.

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