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White Paper Trends

With all of today’s technology, just how important can the regular white paper be? Ends up a lot, if you are the type of business owner that thinks that paper is old fashioned and out of style then yoy are doing things all wrong. If we look at paper broadly as a vendor provided information for the paper products and their services that they offer, they will be seen as a very large and effective way for influencing most purchasing decisions. So, what I mean here is, when you are using white papers, as you should be, are you engaging customers in an effective way that is very much possible with it? Sure, PDF is one heck of a way to get the message across compared to paper but you need to remember that ANYONE can use PDF, this means hackers as well. They can easily hook up some viruses in a PDF format that once you download or open you are infected. But before I go on, white paper also refers to PDF, as I will be using it in future articles. They are awesome yet can be used as weapons to anyone that wishes to use it.?

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