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White Paper Innovation

If you want one of the key parts of leadership in the marketing mix you will want white paper, or PDF. There are some sites that exist that go into depth about how to reboot white paper so that way it can keep its ongoing role with all the changing businesses and different technology landscapes. I think we can agree by now that the white paper remains the king in effectiveness after its years of great work. When it comes to converting your prospects to other clients and buyers within the B2B software industry you can count on white paper to have your back. However, regular white paper isn’t as good as its new self, the new white paper, which is shorter, inspiring, more engaging and all that good stuff. It is key to give your old white paper that reboot to get into the new white paper, it is very much worth it. Why though? Well, like all good things, they can’t last forever. When this is the case you simply add and revise the old to make it new again. Everyone, or the majority, switches when the new comes out and that makes the old relatively obsolete compared to how it was in its golden days.

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