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Search Engine Misspelled Words

When it comes to having a search engine on your website, or some sort of search feature, it would be wise to find a way to accommodate for the searches that are not spelled correctly. Despite the day of age we are in where education is high and technology is owning everyone, take one look at your social networking site you like to go to and you will see just how badly a lot of people spell, even despite English classes. Either they aren’t paying attention or the schools aren’t doing enough to make the kids learn how to properly spell. Some may claim it is only computer lingo but that is no reason to use the same amount of letters in the same word to just end up spelling it wrong, or even just one letter short. So, for this reason, it is smart to make your search feature on your website to accommodate for misspelled words. If they so much as have one letter wrong they will get 0 search results, and thus you will lose that business you might have had. Only problem with this is that the only way you can fix this is by going into the search records, find the ones that got 0 search results, try and figure out what they were trying to spell and then make it that when they search that misspelled word it will bring them to the page that you figured they were looking for. When you do this you will make sure that typo will never end in 0 results again.

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