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5 Tips For Going Global: Similarities

If you take away everyone’s gender, race, color or creed everyone would be pretty much the same. Yes, our historic background may effect who we are and same applies for people in different countries, but you need to focus on the similarities between people in genera instead of their differences. This helps build a unified brand identity that goes global that people will learn to love. For an example of what not to do would be making a brand with the American flag on it with the saying ‘We the people’ and expect others in Europe to enjoy the product’s looks. It doesn’t work that way and never has, that is a difference you do not want to play in your product and brand name. Some of the most common universal languages out there are peace, love, happiness, humor and friendship. If you can incorporate these into your brand it would very much help a more relevant global product. McDonald’s went with the slogan ‘I’m lovin’ it’ and Coke recently went with ‘open happiness’ as their slogan. See how two of the biggest brand names uses one of the universal languages that are the most common for everyone? And it works too, as you can tell.

Danny Wong knew about this when he was starting his custom dress shirt startup as well as his second custom dress shirt startup. He even went so far as to make a custom product review website.