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5 Tips For Going Global: Marketing Unified

When you start your startup being global may be the last thing on your mind and the last thing on your business’s to do list. This makes sense when you are just trying to get your feet on the ground locally or even nationally. But, the thing is here, if you want to EVER go global you need start building up for it from the start. And it is always a good time to open your first international hub. That simple hub can very easily be a two person office in maybe Europe, Russia or China. That simple hub can easily begin to grow in time to even more hubs as they spread among all the other continents. It is this reason you should have a global culture for your business at day one. You don’t need to worry about getting a factory made in these other places, just simply ship internationally. It is important for you and the hubs to work together as a whole. This is part of building a successful global brand. So, meanwhile as you are having marketing campaigns locally you are building your global brand across the globe.

Danny Wong keeps things unified within his custom dress shirt startup and his second dress shirt startup, both of which are for the new and improved modern day males. Curious for other custom made products? He is making a site called REcustom where you can check out reviews for other custom made goods.