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Being More Productive #5: Experimenting

As a small business owner, we are all busy. You and I are no exception. And chances are, if you are a normal human, you would be looking for any and all ways to get more work done in a less amount of time, after all, time is money. And in order to do this you would need to boost your productivity as well as other little changes that, in the end, would help big time. Any help counts when it comes to keeping a business running. The business is your ship and you are the captain. So take care of your ship.

Some people may think that experimenting may waste time and be going backwards with your business but it ends up that you can be more productive if you take yourself out of the business mind to experiment a little. You can learn new skills and have special experiences that you can’t get anywhere else by experimenting. This lets you make mistakes and learn from them and go with new approaches to old problems that you always thought was normal in the making of a business. In the long term this will help you grow and save time, but it may be a little slow to start. Hang in there and don’t worry.

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