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Weekly Startup Help #2

Sometimes it is best to not go with SEO where as other times it is best to wait later in the business game to go with SEO. Sometimes the time that is spent into SEO should be and would be better spent in building your business.

Ends up some work places would gladly lend an employee money if they needed it. They would pay back of course. They say that it brings the workforce together in a close bond and helps boost productivity that would normally be slowed if they were stressing over money problems.

Have coupons sent out for your business and somehow more are being used than you dished out? Someone found out a way to cut coupon usage by 90% and you can too. Simple changes can lead to some big changes.

Ever notice how America is no longer the leader in entrepreneurship? Actually America shrunk to third place. Why? Find out here why America is falling when it was the land of the free.

Got yourself a cell phone? Course you do. Ever wonder how you can run your business with just your cell phone alone? Here are 10 ways to use your cell phone to achieve just that.

Danny Wong is an entrepreneur that manages a custom dress shirt start up that allows customization from the color to the features on your dress shirt. He is also starting a second dress shirt startup.