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Weekly Startup Help #1

When it comes to starting and managing a startup, being polite goes a long way. Having a startup relies heavily on connections and relying on other people and industries. Burning your own bridges isn’t exactly the best choice to go with.

When it comes to funding, things are getting more messed up as time goes on. From companies that get series B funding and being valued at millions before they even make a penny. Meanwhile the startups that make our infrastructure are having a hard time finding funding.

List of 5 questions you shouldn’t ever ask a job candidate. 3 things you should look for when picking a co-founder. List of 6 things you should have in your VC pitch and much more.

The New York startup tech scene is booming. Three of the top 10 most valuable startups are located in New York, and the top 20 in New York remains above $75 million in worth. Here is a list of those 20 startups in New York.

Ends up you need no prior accounting knowledge or the help from a bank to get your startup going. Like the owner of Shred Ready, he learned as he went and now has a successful business. Think you can handle no bank help or no accounting skills prior to launching your startup?

Danny Wong manages a great custom dress shirt start up. He is also starting a second dress shirt startup, stay in the loop!