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This Weeks Roundup #1

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First on our roundup for the week:

Starting A Startup Or Buy A Franchise: Which Is Safer?
This article goes over which is safer overall, buying a franchise or starting your own startup. It goes over the pros and cons of starting your own startup is great detail. It also goes over the pros and cons of buying your own franchise instead. If you ever have doubts or worries, go over this article for your final thoughts.


7,000 Words Written On Startup Failure: News Describes What Went Wrong
When a startup fails, it is common for the founders to write a short blog post on what, where and why it happened. This fellow wrote about 7,000 words on how his failed and that includes great lessons and tips for the new entrepreneurs that are entering the startup business.


The Importance Of Trust
Trusting your co-founder and anyone else in your startup and business is important. You need to trust to get trusted back. Getting people to trust you can easily be the deciding factor of a failing startup or one that booms. Never ever treat others you are working with or work for you like they are below you.


How To Make Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign Better
Ends up e-mail marketing is booming as many people still find this to be the best way to get word around. From buying e-mail address to using social networking sites, these are some really effective ways to spread the word. But make sure you don’t spam!


Faster Website Tips #1: Less HTTP

Get some faster website speeds by clearing up your HTTP! HTTP requests majorly slow down your website and too much loading time equals less customers. Here is a way to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Faster Website Tips #2: Image Optimization

The faster the website speed, the better. Every second of loading time counts and too much will cause customers to leave. Image optimization is a very good way to clean up your website a bit and make sure that loading times are kept at the minimal.


Faster Website Tips #3: Content Delivery Networks

Good loading time means okay customers. Great loading time means great customers. The slower the loading time the less customers you will have. This completes the three ways to get faster website loading times.

Danny Wong is awesome, and so is the site he manages. It is a custom dress shirt startup that lets you customize from color to the collar or even the cuff and placket.  He is also managing an equally awesome second dress shirt startup.