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Faster Website Tips #3: Content Delivery Networks

Everyone that owns their own website know that when your website is slow, it is one of the more annoying things in the world. You don’t know how to fix it and you are losing customers because of it. If you don’t fix it fast enough then you might as well kiss it good bye because it takes as little as only 2 seconds to turn off many potential customers and only 450 milliseconds to turn off even more after that. Time is literally money and you can’t seem to get your website faster. You talk to your web host, if you have one, and they can’t help you and so you feel like it is just how websites are. Well, wrong. There are things that you can do to make your website faster that requires only you. So don’t sweat it, you can do this.

A content delivery network system is something you would want if your website had a lot of information. Sort of like a website that has a ton of products that are being sold. What a CDN does is store the data at data depots and has copies of some of the files. The copy depots are virtual. When the user makes a request that requires that information, such as clicking a picture hyperlink to a product, the data is pulled from the data depot to the user, which saves you milliseconds off your site’s load time. And that can be just enough to hook in more customers. There are free CDN’s around on the Web, do some research to find them.

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