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7,000 Words Written On Startup Failure: News Describes What Went Wrong

Sometimes when a startup fails the co-founders will write a short blog post on what went wrong and why they weren’t able to succeed. However, when the individual journalism platform called NewsTilt failed, the co-founder, Paul Biggar, wrote about 7,000 words just last week that detailed exactly why the company failed as well as must-read lessons for any and all entrepreneurs.

Biggar admitted himself that motivation and passion were two very important things that NewsTilt lacked, when they were unable to follow through on two promises. One being providing a rich set of tools that would help the authors write and the second promise was helping to get the authors’ work across the web. As Biggar went on, he said that they didn’t have the passion and that they didn’t care much care for journalism, even with NewsTilt they would go to other websites instead of their own for reading up on things. They lacked the passion needed.

He also said that he was trying to do too much in his life at once, he was working on NewsTilt while he was defending his PhD thesis PLUS was planning his wedding which was only a month later. He just had too much going on to give NewsTilt the love needed and just naturally didn’t have the passion for it.

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