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Starting A Startup Or Buy A Franchise: Which Is Safer?

There are pros and cons to both buying a franchise or just starting your startup. Learn them here before you get into either of them so you are aware of what may or may not happen.

There is a failure rate when it comes to a non-franchise business. When you make your own business you have all the franchises of what you are doing to compete against. And they have a lot more resources for everything. Plus, they already have brand name recognition. When you start your business you may not have the time and not have as much resources to get your name out there. You need to know who will be hooking the customers and bringing them in.

Just going to tell you now, this one is safer. Doesn’t always mean it is better, but if you are a little iffy, this is safer. They already have a proven system that works. Their own brand name that people know. Every time other franchise owners of the same advertise, you will be effected by it just as much. You will have support from the higher ones. It would be much easier getting yourself another building of the franchise compared to a business owner trying to spread to another shop.

So buying a franchise is in fact safer. But nothing gives you the satisfaction and reputation as making a successful startup.
Danny Wong manages a customized dress shirts startup. It allows you to design your own dress shirts from the collar to the cuff and much more. His company is also about to launch a second custom dress shirts startup, so sign up for news on the launch.