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Why Use Open Source For Your Startup?

You probably hear arguments related to open source, or at least heard it once in your life. Usually people are trying to get companies to use open source software, but why? Another question that remains is why your company should bother building open source. After all, open source allows everyone to see the code you use. Can this be bad? Can it possibly be good? Answers to all those questions are coming up.

Open sourcing is a sure way to building a better product. And these are why:

1. If you allow your code to be open as open source does, your code will eventually get better. The reason for this is the same reason you wouldn’t want someone over your house if it was messy. But if they were coming anyway that would force you to clean up. You would clean your code up the best you can, making sure it looked good.

2. By letting other people contribute you will give your code improvements based off what other people suggest to you.

3. If you allow people to participate in your coding it will make your app that much more attractive. What would your costumers or even developers like the most? Find out be letting them add the features that they would like to see and use. This makes it more appealing of course.

4. Think of open source being like free labor. The more skilled people you got giving you suggestions that see your open source, the better and faster you will get your work done. More than you can ever imagine if you were doing it alone.

These are great reasons for any and all developers to use open source for their startups. So the answers to those questions up above, in order, would have to be: Why? Because it helps a lot. Why use open source? It allows others to help and you see what the people want. Can it be bad? Not really. Can it possibly be good? Heck yeah.

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