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Using Partnerships To Launch Your Startup

Ever hear of a startup conference? Just like the DEMO Conference over in Santa Clara, California, these things are a real great way for young entrepreneurs and companies to get themselves noticed as well as entering a network with many others like you that are trying to achieve the same goals.

One of the companies that were at DEMO happens to make an app that provides a social shopping which leverages quite a few services that already exist through APIs as well as partnerships. This is a strategy that can come in handy for many other young startups out there. This company name is Zappli, their product called myShopanion is now a one stop location for products plus their reviews, bar code scanning, price comparisons and so on. It stays together by its frame work relying heavily on social integration. This is an example every young startup can learn from. Their story is important. As the CEO, Philippe Suchet, said in an interview, when picking out the partnerships that would be needed for the best experience and service, it was a no brainer. As he stated, there is no point in reinventing the wheel. You should use the tools and solutions that already exist that have proven themselves in the past. All you need to do is put all the elements together and create yourself a very strong social component and chances are the costumers will love it. It will be a tool to them that is not only different but insightful.

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