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Twitter Hacked: Aimed At Users

Tuesday morning the Twitter website was hit by hackers after a security breach, this allowed the hackers to send fake messages and letters that had malicious links in them to many of Twitters user’s accounts. The spam is simply triggered as soon as a user simply moves their mouse icon over a link. Not click the link, simply pass over it. According to the Twitter security software firm Sophos, the hackers had affected some very high profile accounts. For example, Sarah Brown, being the wife of the former Prime Minister of Britain was affected. On top of all that, the hackers like to re-direct the users to porn sites.

The attack was labeled as an XSS attack, which triggers activity in the user’s account. This includes popup windows sporadically popping up and auto-sending messages that have malicious links within them, and this is without any clicking or a mouseover on the users part. All the user needs to do is load the page and they will get affected. Twitter is currently accepting any information anyone may know on the XSS exploit and asks its users to stay off the site until they fix it, which they are working on. This goes to show everyone to keep their security up to date.

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