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Starting a Startup Solo

Starting a startup by yourself can be a very difficult thing unless you have already had prior experience in the past. But when you have a great idea and you go around trying to find yourself a co-founder, all that does is waste time. It’s okay to admit too. You need some serious prior experience to get through something like this alone, and it is said that trying to do it alone is one of the best ways to kill your startup. Which is ironic, because one of the more notable people that managed to go solo with a startup listed going alone will kill your startup.

What you are doing is making a tool that people need to be able to use. And if you have very minimal background experience you are in for a rude awakening. But here’s the main reason that not having a co-founder is a good way to fail, and that is because you invest so much of your time looking for one when you could have been using all that time in building your startup. You need to just do it, not worry about not having a co-founder. Going solo is possible, but you need to keep your head in he game, not go off worrying. However, if you are working on a startup, chances are you have SOME experience, and any experience is worth trying. Don’t try to meet other peoples criteria when you work on a startup, meet your own.

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