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IE 9 Gets 2 Million Downloads In 2 Days

When I finally got my own computer a long time ago I had Internet Explorer, I’m not sure which number, but it had to have been an old one. I then switched to Firefox because I found IE way too slow and Firefox was fast compared to it. About a year after that I moved to Google Chrome and I was very much pleased with it. But then I heard that Microsoft released the beta version of IE9 and how it got 2 million downloads in two days. Sounds to me that they must have done something right with this one.

When IE8 came out it only got 1.3 million downloads and that was in five days. So at last, Microsoft managed to succeed in, something the users were interested in. And so far it has gotten positive reviews all over the web. Microsoft has announced that on their website made to feature its new HTML5 features it has gotten over 9 million visits and 26 million page views alone. It is also where you would go to download IE9. It’s said to look more like Goggle Chrome, simple, and nothing like it’s old browsers. This goes to show you that even when you make things many people criticize just keep trying. It took Microsoft 9 tries and finally nailed it.

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