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The Importance of Writing

When running a business, you need great communication skills and writing is one of the more important forms of communication in business because you will have a lot of email correspondence with your team or third parties, and you have have a business blog which needs some really quality content.

But because email is such a big form of communication these days, you need to know how to skillfully craft a message so it doesn’t come off the wrong way, otherwise you will receive a lot of flak from the recipient, and perhaps people within his or her network.

One way to improve your writing skills is simply by doing it more, whether it be blogging, or just taking some extra time to re-think an email, newsletter, or content on your website.

Another way to improve your writing is by reading blogs, books, the news and more, to see examples of great writing that you can mimic.

When you converse with people on an intellectual level, you are also improving your writing skills because most people actually write as they talk, and what you talk more intelligently, your writing will come off the same way.

We do quite a bit of writing with our men’s dress shirts startup, believe it or not. We are active bloggers, and aggressive emailers. In fact, we don’t really like using the phone that much, so we do a LOT of email, and we do quite a bit of reading about what’s going on in the startup space, and how we can better improve our dress shirts business.

Danny Wong is a fashion entrepreneur managing a co-created dress shirt startup. Co-creation is a movement to change the way people shop, making sure that you think twice about buying any old white dress shirt or blue dress shirt and think more about designing it yourself and having something uniquely tailored to you.