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Sleeping on Impulse Ideas

While you probably shouldn’t think over things too much and you should spend more time executing to really see the outcomes of your actions, some things need thinking over, especially if you are acting emotionally and have little or no rational for doing certain things.

It’s also not the easiest thing to just execute any idea because as a lean startup, you are already stretching your resources thin and you have overworked and overwhelmed team members. In our men’s dress shirts business, we have set up processes to make things happen and don’t allow for much flexibility during the week unless there is something with immediate urgency that must be dealt with now. Otherwise, new things go in for discussion as we re-work our development pipeline for things to do so that everyone is busy and important things are managed first and the least important things that have no urgency are done when we actually have that much real free time to do so.

Just acting is never easy, and just making an impulse move can be quite dangerous for a business. You certainly don’t want to waste too much time thinking things over because when you over think things, you end up making bad decisions anyways, or you just never make a decision at all, but if you work on impulse and do an obviously awful thing, then you spend a lot of time fixing the problem than you would have thinking it over and realizing how silly your decision would have been.

In our custom made dress shirts venture, we try to make the best centralized decisions because too much talk between team members never gets anything done.

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