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Doing What You Love

You should always strive to do something you love, something you’re passionate about, but it’s inevitable, that in startups, you will have to do some grunt work that you do not particularly care for.

But when you get work like that, you would be most fortunate if you had some extra support to pass that work onto, because it is least efficient for you to run your business and do all the small, menial things. Instead, if you focus all your energies only on things that you care about and things that you are most passionate about, then you will be twice as effective in growing your business because you will be happy with what you are doing and do not have to bother with the little things that don’t mean much to the bottom-line.

I love running this men’s dress shirts startup. But I specifically love managing the PR and SEO end of things. All the small details about the business like legal issues, budgeting, etc. are things I do not deal with and refuse to deal with because those things are outside of my domain. I also work on the branding side of things and make sure that the content for our blog is co-creation or business-related to show our community what we really care about and let them know what is going on with us.

By not having to deal with all the things I don’t care for because we have other people on the team to handle these things, I can be much better at what I am doing and really make a positive impact on the business.

I never have to really fuss about customer service and silly emails about customers wanting to change their fitted dress shirt to a slim fit dress shirt to fit their smaller frame. While I love talking to customers, it’s not an efficient use of my time when I can better spend my efforts on marketing our dress shirts online better.