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3 Sure Ways To Improve Customer Relationship

Tips on how to improve customer relationship can be found all over the Internet. So how’s this any different? First of all, these are tried and tested methods. As the co-founder of a custom dress shirt startup, improving customer relationship is one of my biggest concerns so let me share what I know with you.

1. Make good use of your PR skills. Spread the word. Tell people about the product you are selling and why you think they should try it. Tell people about how you started and what good your company has to offer. Write about your good and bad experiences. With better and improved web presence, you gain more customers.

2. Another sure way is to keep in touch with your customers. Hence, the need for newsletters. Keep them updated about your product. Inform them about site upgrades. Let them know you have new products and services. Treat them to special discounts.

3. And lastly, try not to upset too many customers. Even with the best customer support, even with the best management and tech team, you just can’t please them all. Learn to understand your customers.

Danny Wong is a blogger for some of the most influential blogs like HuffPo and TNW. He is also the co-founder of a co-creation startup, which provides classic dress shirtsslim fit dress shirts and fitted dress shirts.