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Building Your Customer Base with the Know-Like-Trust Factor

The novelty of a product is very important. As an entrepreneur, coming up with a product that is fresh and unique, gets you really excited. You know that because you have something new to offer, people will most likely want to try it. I thought the same thing when we first started our co-created dress shirt company. But after going through some problems with our startup, I realized three very important things that really changed how we build customer relationship.

1. People buy from people they know.

This greatly focuses on networking. With social media, you can build networks of friends and acquaintances. You interact with them, chat with them, socialize with them in ways made possible by the world wide web. People in your network are potential customers. Find a way to build relationships with them.

2. People buy from people they like.

It’s a different story when it comes to liking people. Knowing people is the easy part. Liking all the people you know is not. When you are a startup, it is important to get your customers to like you and your product. If they don’t like you, it would be very difficult getting them to buy what you are selling unless you are the only one in the world selling your doughnut. Take for example our startup and the custom dress shirts we offer to our customers. Our customers LOVE us and they LOVE our dress shirts because it’s co-created. They do the designing, we do the stitching. That’s what make us hot!

3. People buy from people they trust.

This one is the hardest part. This concerns your relationship with your customers. Were you good to them? Did you treat them well? How did you gain customer loyalty and trust?

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