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Making Bricks Without Straw

Without being too literal, can you really make bricks without straw? Answer? Yes, you can! The idea here is about being innovative. Don’t just rely on straw. There are other materials you can use to make your bricks.

Same goes with starting a startup. There is really no perfect formula when it comes to startups. But there are PR tips, marketing tips and tips on how to successfully manage a startup if you need ideas. The rest you have to do all on your own. Your skills, your strategies, your money, your time! Throw in a lot of hard work, you might just make it.

In our case, we’ve been lucky. Me and my co-founder took time off from school and are back in Shanghai right now, working, doing our best to make our custom dress shirt startup number one! Through co-creation, we want to change the way men shop by offering them the best custom fit dress shirts, dress shirts that they designed themselves.

Danny Wong is the co-founder of a young startup company that specializes in fitted dress shirts, button-down dress shirts and casual dress shirts. He is also an SEO expert and guest blogger, who loves anything about co-creation.