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What’s in Shibuya?

When I am not doing anything, I like to kill the time just surfing the Internet, looking for anything newsworthy to read. Then I came across an article about the fashion communities in Japan. I read about Shibuya and it’s impact on fashion and trending.

What’s in Shibuya anyway? I googled some more and found pictures of men and women in outrageously unique outfits, way better to look at than the signature clothing models wear up on the catwalk if I may say so. I think I know what makes them a lot refreshing to look at and very unique. Fashion in Shibuya has character.

So ask yourself. Tired of wearing the same plain old shirt? If you want to look different, mix and match your clothes. Try a different color. Wear fashion accessories. Don’t be afraid to break the rules. There aren’t really any rules. With fashion, you should be able to freely express yourself.

It’s the same thing we are pushing about co-creation. People are attracted to custom men’s shirts that they can design and make as their very own. They can choose the buttons they like. They can choose how many pockets and what placket they want for their shirts. They can mix and match colors all they want. Who said it’s wrong to have contrast collars? Nothing wrong with contrast cuffs either. People love the idea of being unique. People love to customize. Don’t you as well?

Danny Wong is the co-founder of a custom dress shirts startup, looking to change the way men shop through co-creation, focusing heavily on SEO and PR for his marketing campaigns.