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Thinking About The Holiday Rush (Already?)

I can’t believe we’re almost ten months old! I remember when we first started. It wasn’t easy. We went through difficult phases but even after going through all those rough times, we experienced massive growth, which that time, in all honestly, was something we were not ready for. Thankfully, we survived the first ten months. In just a couple months more, we will be a year old. Yay! But no, it’s not yet time to party. In October 31, when we celebrate our first year, I don’t think we’ll be putting up balloons and passing around cake slices and drowning ourselves in beer (though we really love parties). We’d most probably be getting ready for November and December, the two busiest months of the year. We will be up to our necks in emails and will probably put the over capacity sign up on our site again. Probably.

But then again, after what happened last May 17, a couple of days after NY Times published our story, I think we’ve already learned our lessons. We won’t allow the same thing to happen again. This time we will be ready.

So no more over capacity sign. We’ve already upgraded our production facilities. We’ve already hired more tailors so we can accommodate orders better. I am pretty confident that we will do a better job this time.

Can’t wait for the holidays!

Danny Wong is an entrepreneur and co-founder of a men’s dress shirt venture, which provides dress shirts online, affordable dress shirts, and long sleeve dress shirts.