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Why Gift Cards?

We live in a world where almost everything is about convenience. People used to do things by hand, now we have machines doing the work for us. We have washing machines and vacuum cleaners and cars. Now we can even shop for shoes and custom dress shirts online. Then comes gift cards, another product made for the convenience of men. If you are too lazy to shop for the perfect holiday gift or for the perfect birthday present, all you need to do is buy that person a gift card. You have to agree that this is one of the most convenient way to shop and probably the most practical.

Gift cards can be found just about anywhere you go. Whether it’s for groceries or gas, just about anything really. Now even most e-commerce sites have gift cards available. I am thinking, maybe we should get gift cards and make them available to our customers. Besides, customized dress shirts make great holiday presents especially if you get to really design it. That’s the good thing about co-creation.

It’s only August but people are already starting to send in emails asking about holiday gift cards to send to family and friends (we don’t have gift cards yet but we will be making them available soon).

Danny Wong runs a custom men’s shirt venture that makes pink dress shirts, white dress shirts, blue dress shirts, and other types of dress shirts for men.