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Improving Customer Service

Customer service is an art. It’s not just about answering emails or about answering or returning the customer’s call or because it is your job to do those. You have to keep in mind that it involves interaction with customers. That is, you will be dealing with people with different types of personalities. They either have questions needing answers or they have complaints about your service or your product. If not handled properly, you get angry, very unhappy customers. Definitely, not a good thing to have especially for startups.

That is why I think continuous improvement in the customer service department is a must. Our custom dress shirt venture is almost ten months old now. We do have a small customer support team for emails and live chat. Though it’s doing great right now, we feel that it is of utmost importance that we improve it and strengthen it.

Just recently, we made changes in our customer service strategies. We hope that with the changes, we could win the trust and loyalty of our customers, effectively gather feedback and find out where and what needs improving and gain more customers this way. We also hope that with the changes, customer complaints get resolved more quickly. This is top priority.

Danny Wong runs a custom men’s shirt venture that makes pink dress shirts, white dress shirts, blue dress shirts, and other types of dress shirts for men.