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When It Rains, It Pours

When you least expect it, something really good can happen to your business. Actually, something really awesome might happen.

We came upon that recently with our media hit in the NY Times, which gave us viral buzz because Consumerist and Frank Pillar picked it up.

It was so big that our site crashed early morning the day the article was published in print.

Then when we got the site back up and running, sales were flooding in.

We couldn’t imagine that this could ever happen. But the next day, things were just nuts!

We had more orders than we could imagine. More orders than we had ever seen before, and now we had this problem of managing too much business growth.

Great things poured upon us when we were blessed with the NYT feature, but those good things came with a few problems we had to manage on our end, which we are still, sort of managing.

Sometimes you get lucky, but you should be ready for anything, because when it rains, it pours.

We run a custom men’s shirts venture that has sold thousands of shirts to thousands of customers worldwide as part of this co-creation movement. We are providers of co-created slim fit dress shirts and fitted men’s dress shirts.