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Selling Yourself, Not Your Product

In PR, sometimes it’s not a new product announcement that will engage the media. Sometimes, you win when you are an interesting person yourself, and if your team has a really exciting story to tell.

We’ve gotten into a lot of media by just having interesting experiences and by being really interesting people.

We managed a split team with partners in three different time zones, OC, Boston and Shanghai, and got a neat feature in RWW.

We pushed the movement of co-creation as young entrepreneurs looking to make big change in retail and sold our story to NYT.

Our CEO lost his visa and had to leave the country, which led to a neat story in Xconomy.

We chose not to outsource web development and brought on a CTO because of our negative outsourcing experiences, and got a feature in Forbes.

Media has loved us because we had a really interesting story to tell. It certainly helped that we had an interesting product too, the custom men’s shirt, but it was a bigger seller that we had gone through some interesting experiences and could live to tell the story.

We run a men’s dress shirts startup, and are looking to change the way men shop through co-creation. Our e-shop allows men to buy dress shirts online in slim fit, fitted or athletic fit.