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Take A Break

Studies show that occasional breaks are healthy for restoring your mental energy while working. Sometimes a nice power nap, social conversation, or mindless action can really help. You can also grab a quick snack, talk a stroll through the park, or sun bathe for 15 minutes.

In startups, it’s easy to think there is never enough time in the world to take a break. In life, there is never enough time in the world, period. But you have to make time for yourself. Otherwise you experience burnout which is incredibly unhealthy and has awful long-term affects. You may never think of work the same if you hit burnout and don’t do anything about it. Think too much about work, and never spend any time for yourself, and your performance will suffer too.

Life is about balance. Sure, you made your startup your life, but there’s more to life than just your startup, and you know that.

Find proper balance. Take a break. Maybe even take a vacation. You can watch a movie, play some sports, go to the gym, read a book, write a book! There’s more than just work, you just have to incorporate other things into your life.

We’re startup junkies. We love our little custom dress shirt venture, partly because we love men’s dress shirts. But we can’t be thinking about customized dress shirts each and every day. Sure we can have variety by thinking about slim dress shirts and bespoke dress shirts, but we need more variety in life.

I like to play basketball late afternoons. Sometimes I go to the gym. Sometimes I watch a movie.

If I didn’t take a break, I’d probably go crazy or worse, burnout. Do yourself and your startup some good and take some personal time.

Danny Wong runs a custom men’s shirt venture that makes pink dress shirts, white dress shirts, blue dress shirts, and other types of dress shirts for men.