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Love and Hate

Love is an incredibly powerful word, as is hate. But you need passion like that to run a startup.

It’s not so easy to truly fall in love with your startup. Most people say they do, but they won’t jump through as many hoops as they say they might, meaning many talk the talk, but very, very few walk the walk. Why is that? It’s because they don’t truly love their startup. There’s lots of talk about loving what you are doing and doing anything for your business, and everyone gets worked up around those ideas such that it’s easy to say you love your startup when you really don’t.

We love our custom men’s shirt startup. That’s a fact.

That’s why we moved out to Shanghai, dropped out of school, took time off of school, decided to forgo getting ‘real jobs’ and even moonlight with a real job.

Our team’s efforts certainly proves that we love our startup. Our actions speak louder than our words.

We hate the idea of real jobs, and even though one of us has a real job, we love this life more, but of course, there are special circumstances which make actions a bit harder to do.

Love your startup and you can do some pretty awesome things. Of course, you have to use your brain though, otherwise actions without proper thinking are just foolish energy and time wasters.

Danny Wong is an entrepreneur in love with his men’s dress shirt venture, which provides dress shirts online, affordable dress shirts, and long sleeve dress shirts.