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What’s the Problem?

Why can’t your business grow? Why can’t you find the right team members? Why isn’t anything working right?

In a startup, you run into a ton of issues in growth, team management and hiring, and just everything else.

Nothing can go perfectly. There is NO perfect solution, only an optimized solution, so you have to figure out how to optimize the outcomes of everything that happens with the information and resources you have.

Making the right decisions is key in building a business. Being smart and lean and incredibly important for a startup to grow.

For our custom men’s shirt venture, we are trying to do more than just make an awesome slim fit dress shirt. In fact, it’s not only about having fitted dress shirts, but it’s about having custom made dress shirts that customers can be proud of and that we could be proud of. That’s why we came to Shanghai.

We had a problem with fulfillment, so we moved out here to work out better solutions with our suppliers.

We had a problem with customer service, so we grew the team.

We had to make sure that our dress shirts had awesome dress shirt styling features, so we tested them out.

If you have a problem, you have to work your best at solving it, even if it means doing things you hate doing, or things that are a little more work than you had hoped for. You can’t run a business if you aren’t willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of your venture.

Figure out the optimized solution and make the best of bad situations, then you’ll never have a problem again.