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Celebrating Life

It’s amazing how we’ve made it through ten months of growth, stagnation, and depression. No, I’m not talking about the global economy, but the life of our custom shirt startup. It seems like ages ago when we first decided we were going to revolutionize men’s dress shirts because so much has happened in between, but it really hasn’t been that long since we started to push co-creation.

We had to rally people for the cause so they might care about co-creation. We had to prove that mass-production was inefficient and that co-creation was the future.

We had to build a team, acquire customers, leverage media, and improve our supply chain to fulfill really awesome custom made shirts and slim fit shirts.

We have seen several anniversaries which marked just a new month for our development. One was starting off 2010, just a couple months after launch. Then on our sixth month, things turned around because we saw a ton of great growth. Now the team is in Shanghai, making sure our bespoke dress shirts are of the highest quality for our awesome co-creators.

We’re celebrating life and will continue to do so by making sure our customer service, our business and our product exceeds expectations and revolutionizes retail.