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A Problem with Rules

In startups, you will break a ton of rules. Don’t listen to what the naysayers are saying. Don’t listen to those who try to put you down, or show you statistics against your favor.

Defy the rules and do something really fantastic. Do something unbelievable and show others that you can achieve more.

The rules said we had to stay in school until we finished our degrees and then we should start a business, but instead we decided to drop out and take some time off. The rules also said that we should get some real-world experience first before becoming entrepreneurs, but we just turned our ears away from that and decided to learn on our own terms because learning from building is the fastest way to learn.

The rules also said that a custom dress shirt was simply something that was tailored to your measurements, but we changed that a redefined the way people thought of men’s dress shirts.

The rules of retail also said that mass-production was king, but we said co-creation rocks and is going to change the way people shop.

We’re breaking a ton of rules and revolutionizing the way people dress by making slim fit dress shirts and athletic fit dress shirts more affordable and accessible, especially with a quality dress shirt.

There’s a lot more work we have to do, especially because we are breaking all these rules, which are merely barriers.

Let’s co-create and make some change!