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Strength in Search

Leveraging search as a marketing channel is one of the smartest things you can do as a startup.

Search brings in organic (meaning free!! entrepreneurs love that word) traffic that typically converts at a higher rate. Studies from the guys at HubSpot show that Inbound Marketing, like SEO, bring in higher quality leads who are more likely to convert at customers.

How can one properly leverage search?

First and foremost, every SEO will tell you to generate tons of inbound links! Well now, that’s all fine and dandy, but how can I get a ton of links if I’m a small business? PR is one great way to make that happen. Social media outreach to bloggers is also a good way to get coverage and get the links you need to build your SEO power. Guest blogging is also super powerful because you can control the links you are getting and the anchor text which is another important factor that you usually can’t control externally other than through guest blogging. Getting optimized anchor text like ‘men’s dress shirts‘ for your startup is incredibly difficult because media outlets are resistant to compromising their editorial quality just to give you a special link. But with guest blogging, you usually have free rain to link as you please, as freely as you please.

Other ways to leverage SEO are by creating great content pages that get indexed in the search engines. Just start writing on your business blog, creating articles for article marketing and archiving them in your sitemap. Then start generating inbound links for those pages because deep internal linking is one very powerful way to boost your SEO power.

You can also interlink your pages and control the anchor text there so they all pass SEO juice onto each other.

Other ways to boost your SEO include increasing your overall traffic. Why does that make sense when you’re not doing anything to optimize your site? Well, the more traffic your site receives, the more ‘notable’ it is, and the more likely people want to search it, and it only makes sense for the search engines to show your site up more often if people are actively looking for it.

Danny Wong is a co-creator of custom shirts, slim fit dress shirts and dress shirts online. He specializes in SEO, guest blogging, and has a fascination for anything about co-creation. He’s also a leader in the co-creation movement.