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Building Organic Strength

I last blogged about strength in search, and left out a few important thoughts.

Search is your friend, and building a really powerful SEO base is a one super way to build a powerful business.

When you build your SEO base, things start to snowball. First of all, SEO is a scalable because you build a ever-growing base of SEO power. Don’t get me wrong though, it takes a lot of time to build a strong base, but it’s totally worth it if you have the skills and patience for it.

Plus, guest blogging is a fun way to increase links and your SEO power, so why not do it?

But consider it this way. Right now, you get 1,000 uniques from search traffic this month. But if you work on it, and target bigger terms as well as long-tail keywords, you can easily increase that to 1,200 the next month. A 20% increase? Not bad. What if it keeps increasing at a 20% rate? In four months, you double your search traffic to 2,000, and so that’s 1,000 extra uniques, but 2,000 uniques which are entirely free!

Just go forward, start building some links, so some business blogging, some guest blogging, and then see your organic traffic and sales grow!

Try out an SEO campaign, and feel free to reach out for advice. I love talking shop when it comes to SEO.

Danny Wong is a huge SEO enthusiast, guest blogger, PR maven, men’s custom shirts co-creator and co-creation fanatic.