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Wondering Where the Time Goes?

Sometimes I just sit and think to myself about what I am going to do today and how I can tackle my task list. But when you’re sitting around, not executing, you are wasting time. As I sit and write this post, I occasionally think about what to say next, but if I do that, I end up sitting and fiddling my thumbs for too long, then 10 minutes later, I realize I haven’t scribbled an extra word yet.

Sometimes thinking is just inefficient. It’s just more efficient to execute (if you’re not risking too many resources during the project) and experiment with how well things went.

That’s the lean way, the agile way of building a business.

Execute. Review. Reiterate.

Don’t let time fly past you, or you will find yourself in an awful place where your business isn’t growing fast enough because you are spending too much time planning and not enough time executing.

If you feel that you are wasting too much time, then start making things happen. It’s OK if you make mistakes sometimes. Just don’t let them repeat themselves.

We tried something different with our dress shirts before. We introduced the idea of the split personality dress shirt just to be a little different, to have a more unique product that the other bespoke dress shirt makers out there. We wanted the process of designing dress shirts online to be very unique and exciting. The split shirt didn’t survive. We couldn’t execute it properly, but people do miss it. Perhaps we will consider reviving it. In the meantime, we will continue to make really high quality dress shirts.

We’re ten months old now. Not quite an anniversary to celebrate, but more of a time of reflection to see how we can better build this business moving forward.

We recently introduced summer dress shirts, winter dress shirts, fall dress shirts and spring dress shirts, and will continue to make the dress shirt designing experience incredibly compelling. But where did the time go?

We got a lot of press, a lot of sales and a ton of customers, and have built a strong brand. But this is only the beginning. In a few months, look forward to reflecting on how well we’ve executed in the coming weeks and reiterating on that.