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Student Entrepreneurship is HARD

Being a student and an entrepreneur is hard, sort of. You are torn between spending more time on your studies and more time on your business. Sometimes the decision is easy if you realize that your startup is more important to you than your studies, especially because you realize that studies aren’t the end of the world, and in some cases, studies just result in a really expensive piece of paper.

Running a business while in school get hairy, that’s why our CEO dropped out of college and our Lead Evangelist is taking a year off. When you love your business and would do anything for it, you don’t want to do much work other than work for your business.

The five classes, twice a week, just seem burdensome when you are working 50+ hour weeks, burning the midnight oil, managing a team, and handling the stresses of a startup.

There have been some smart entrepreneurs that have been able to juggle school and work, but most of the great ones stopped or finished school before their business could really take flight.

With our custom dress shirt startup, we were looking to do much more than just moonlight. We wanted to make the highest quality dress shirts with the most fashionable styles, and we wanted to change the way men were shopping too.

As students, we wouldn’t simply be able to pick up and move out to Shanghai, and make sure the dress shirt linings on all of our co-creations were proper, and that our monograms were reading properly too.

Perhaps we will return to school at some point, but right now, we need to have all of our focus and energy on making the best custom men’s dress shirts startup out there.