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Not Enough Time

There is never enough time in the world, and especially not enough time in the day for all the things you love in life.

Sacrifices are a must when running a startup. How you balance is up to you, but if you cherish going out every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, plus Tuesdays, then you won’t be able to fully commit to a startup that will really explode.

Sleeping in isn’t something that you absolutely have to give up though, because you can always work late and sleep later. Personally, I have a crazy schedule that involves me sleeping at random hours, or during the day because I feel my productivity is higher during the other hours of the day.

While you probably don’t have the time to go for that 10-mile run every day, plus the hour work out before that, you can certainly find time to stay fit and healthy while running a startup. I like to play basketball every other day since I am too lazy to hit the gym. All I need is to make sure I can comfortably fit into my slim fit dress shirts, otherwise, I’ll have to get a few more men’s dress shirts made (I’m trying to be economical and NOT spend more money, which is a scarce resource when you are managing a startup).

But ultimately, if you are running a startup and want to see it to success, you have to make some sacrifices and cut down on a few of the things that you love in life, but make sure that you passionate enough about your business that you can happily make those sacrifices.