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Things to Remember When Starting Up!

This is just startups 101, but it’s a fun exercise for me just to think about what I’ve done before and what I can do better next time.

Some things to remember when starting a business are that:

– the business is constantly changing

– listening to your customer is the only way your business will prosper and grow

growing up too quickly can really kill

– having an awesome team is always important, especially one that is capable of growing with your business

flex time is awesome but dangerous

– having some funds in the bank is good, having no funds can also be good

– every day is a new adventure

My advice for other entrepreneurs would be to go start a venture that you are passionate about. I probably wouldn’t recommend starting a custom men’s dress shirts startup. Partly because I wouldn’t want the market saturated, but more because it’s just an incredibly difficult business to manage technology, supply chain, fulfillment, customer service and everything in between. Heck, it took us an awfully long time just to get slim fit dress shirts right, never mind other really complicated matters like contrast collars and contrast cuffs.