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FB Gets Invaded! (The Co-Created Way)

It’s finally time for co-creators to unite and make this movement real!

It’s August 6th, and 24 of the awesomest (I know that’s not a real word) companies in the co-creation space are invading Facebook to capture millions of impressions promoting the idea of design-your-own.

The ultimate goals are to:

i) build a community around co-creation (just working on this campaign together, this ‘rallying of the troops,’ is totally a powerful way for us co-creators to connect and just have an awesome time doing it! We’re a big family just trying to shake up the world of retail)

ii) start a conversation, not push conversions (we’re just trying to bring awareness to the fact that you can pretty much design anything you want any way you want, so more people can feel that entitlement that they deserve more and then go searching for the better things in life!)

iii) do something that’s never been done before! (from my understanding, I’ve never seen or heard of businesses in the same niche industry collaborating for such an effort using Facebook advertising – first time for everything, huh? – but if you’ve seen or heard of past examples, give a shout in the comments!)

Happy co-creating!

These are the 24 co-creation companies participating:

Blank Label – co-created dress shirts (style the collar, cuff, placket and really make it your own)
chocri – co-created chocolate bars (pick your favorite chocolate base and mix in the toppings you love!)
Spreadshirt – co-created t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies (add graphics or text and get it personalized for you)
LaudiVidni – co-created handbags (for the woman that really knows style and is tired of the monotonous Coach and LV bags)
Gemvara – co-created jewelry (one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry with 16 different gem varieties and eight precious metal choices)
Shoes of Prey – co-created women’s shoes (style the heel (or no heel), tor, fabric, color and embellishments)
Wagner Skis – co-created skis and snowboards (uniquely suited to your style, strength, weight and mission profile)
Gemkitty – co-created jewelry (customize semi-precious gemstone jewelry. Choose from seven necklace, five earring styles and hundreds of gemstones)
Snaptotes – co-created totes (add photos to your bags to further cherish the memories)
Element Bars – co-created nutrition bars (energy and protein bars with the ingredients you favor)
YouBars – co-created protein bars, shakes, trail mix, cookies and cereal (mix the ingredients you love and need)
Red Moon Pet Food – co-created pet food (for that particular pet with a special diet or just because your pet deserves more)
Rooms By You – co-created bedding and soft goods (home decor customized on demand)
Lindgolf – co-created golf clubs and bags (golf clubs for performance and looks)
Artaic – co-created mosaics (build your own art by uploading the photos you love)
Melboteri – co-created handbags (select the style, components, and color of each handbag)
Indidenim – co-created jeans (jeans designed with your preferences in mind and made to measure)
Kidlandia – co-created home decor and puzzles (from dozens of designs, your personalized creations make memorable puzzles, wall décor, and other unique, high-quality gifts)
Maguba – co-created clogs and women’s sandals (style your footwear however you want!)
Personalwine – co-created wines (personalize award winning wines with your unique label)
Proper Cloth – co-created luxury dress shirts (for the guy that loves Egyptian cashmere and is a luxury buyer)
Design A Tea – co-created tea blends (blend the teas with the proper proportions you prefer and personalize the packaging)
Selve – co-created women’s shoes and boots (choose your style, color, suedes, leather and lining)

Open Runway

– co-created women’s shoes (still to be launched)