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Bad Business Blogging

I used to blog about boring men’s dress shirts, but our community wasn’t engaged with that. We thought talking about anything dress shirt related would be perfect for our branding as a thought-leader of dress shirts. But who the heck cares about dress shirts? I’ll be honest, I don’t care about those silly details very much, so the copy wasn’t very good either. It was more technical, less fun, certainly less engaging.

We wrote some of the most awful blog posts, such as:

Tips for Matching Ties with Dress Shirts

How NOT to Wash Dress Shirts

How to Tell if a Dress Shirt Fits

The Problem with Buying Men’s Dress Shirts Online

This was just silly. There was no good content we wanted to publish on dress shirts. Sure, we could have gotten creative and done something really fun, but we weren’t engaged with the topic enough to create anything really awesome.

Instead, we decided to start writing other pieces of content that were still dress shirt related, but just not on the blog. These articles, such as the following, were published on our main site just to show that we CAN be a resource for things related to dress shirts, but for our business blog, we wanted better content than dry technical articles:

Normal Collar Dress Shirts

Spread Collar Dress Shirts

Double Button cuffs

Dress Shirt Placket Types

So we decided to give our blog some character. That’s why it became our co-creation blog, a blog about everything and anything co-created with the occasional update about what was going on with us.