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Selling A Product You Really Aren’t

It’s absolutely wrong to claim to sell a product you really don’t sell.

It would be a crime if we said we sold the simplest men’s dress shirts. While we can sell basic dress shirts, we don’t claim to do that. In fact, we claim the opposite. We reject the simplest of dress shirts and kind of frown when customers aren’t truly co-creating with us.

We want you to become a co-creator and add a nice white collar on your pink men’s dress shirt, with a pair of color contrast cuffs. Your dress shirt style should be unbelievable because you’re the man all other men want to be. Yes, that was a cheesy attempt to rephrase the Old Spice guy’s infamous line.

For a while we were rejecting the idea that we were making custom made dress shirts, and we really supported customers calling our product the co-created dress shirt, but we decided for branding purposes to really change the perception of the custom dress shirt such that it is completely synonymous with the co-created dress shirt.

So we tried not to sell the typical bespoke dress shirt or the typical made-to-measure dress shirt. Instead we made it much more than those things and are looking to change the way people think of those terms. Sometimes you have a sell your product in a way that it’s everything and anything, but much better.