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Fighting Dirty

There are LOTS of things your competitors can do to really ruin your day. When they fight dirty, you instinctively think about fighting fire with fire. It’s easy to do rash things when awful things happen, but you just need to take a breather.

Take to a friend or colleague in confidence about your feelings, your thoughts.

Then take some time to reflect on what happened, and what you should really do, not out of spite, but because it’s the right thing to do.

A lot of times you will just have to move onward and upward, even if they are doing you wrong.

It will be hard to sit back and take it, but building a business isn’t about looking sideways. It’s about building towards better ends. Innovate, create, add value, do big things.

That’s what we’re going to do with our custom dress shirt business. We’re not going to make the same men’s red dress shirt that the next guy is making. Heck, we won’t even use the same fabrics on our men’s navy dress shirts that our competitors will use. We will make the best men’s dress shirts in the world!

We’re just going to keep making quality men’s dress shirts, better slim fit dress shirts, better fitted men’s dress shirts, and the absolute best dress shirts online.