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What Entrepreneurs Can Do For Each Other

Something we really benefited from has been getting a ton of advice from other more experienced entrepreneurs, especially the ones who have been through similar situations we are going through.

What entrepreneurs can do for each other is support each other in any capacity possible.

Here are some ideas:

– advice and lessons learned from things they have gone through

– sharing of contacts to see further advice, develop partnerships, etc.

– actually lending a hand in building out campaigns or projects if another entrepreneur can actually use the help and you have enough resources to allocate to lend a hand

Entrepreneurs are good people. They are not always so money driven, instead many are looking to just change the world, build something great and make rent.

Our motivation is to make a big multi-million dollar business, but we’re also trying to learn a lot and change the way men shop with our co-created custom dress shirts.

Our business has grown a lot from the advice and help other entrepreneurs have given to us. It’s been incredibly valuable to have support from external parties in our growth and development and of course, in this karmic world, we have given back to other entrepreneurs with our advice and resources.

We run a small operation trying to make the coolest men’s dress shirts out there, if it weren’t for other people’s advice, we’d probably just be selling some of the simplest white dress shirts and blue dress shirts, and make them slim fit dress shirts too, but luckily we thought a bit beyond just being another provider of dress shirts and made our business far more compelling because we are not just another online retailer that sort of does custom made dress shirts since we are all about co-creation.