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Thinking About How the World Has Changed (pt. 2)

After a successful soft launch of our custom dress shirt venture, and with the rise of mass-customization and co-creation, we’ve grown a lot as a business and personally over the last eight months.

With a committed team of four, one a college dropout, one a university student on leave, one an artist taking his chance with startups and one a Masters graduate with always an interesting perspective, that managed themselves remotely, we have been able to accomplish a lot, in a short amount of time, especially with all the press we have received from the smaller blogs like the Trendy Dwarf, Iddictive, GuyStyleGuide, and the Dandy Project, to the medium sized blogs and sites like Elite Choice, CoolBusinessIdeas, InventorSpot, KillerStartups, ZippyCart, and MakeUseOf, to the bigger sites like Examiner, Luxist, MassHighTech, and Xconomy, and finally the coveted mass media publications like the Boston Globe, Forbes, FastCompany, BusinessWeek, and the NYTimes.

Things have just been wild for us. We relocated the team to Shanghai, doubled the size of the team, with a few more employees, built an awesome infrastructure, and continue to improve the shopping experience for our men’s dress shirt co-creators.

We are changing the world of retail by empowering consumers to be their own designers by supporting other co-creation businesses like Shapeways, ThredUp, ThreadlessVC funded firms, and foodie startups too as well as the co-creation trend as a whole. Plus, we encourage people to care about co-creation, so that we can really make the movement something big with their support. The world is changing around us, and we want to be a part of that change. We want to influence the next industrial revolution and bring happiness to the world.