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What’s Your Focus?

As your business evolves, so should your focus, but are you being as flexible as your business needs you to be? Are you being too narrow sighted? Take some time to think about what you should be doing for your business and what really adds the most value. It’s like taking one road and just driving along until you finally reach your destination. Don’t you want to get to the end faster? Why not explore some shortcuts, or other paths? You might be surprised with what happens. Of course, you won’t always make the right turns, but you quickly realize what you are doing wrong and get back on the right path.

Try staying focused and in doing whatever you can to build your business to the best of your ability. Sometimes it’s reasonable to ask for help and get some more people to join you in your journey.

We make really amazing custom dress shirts and men’s dress shirts. That’s what our supply chain supports, and that’s where our focus is on – building out an amazing customer experience and making it fun and easy for men to buy dress shirts and co-create men’s dress shirts online.

To make our business successful, now we have to capitalize on the thousands of co-creators in our community, empower them to spread the word-of-mouth and continue building out our co-creation experience.

P.S. the fashionable guys in our community recommend you going to our site and build some super neat slim fit dress shirts with button down collars and french cuffs.