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Thoughts From a Rambling Entrepreneur

You work around the clock, and you are your own boss.

You think you are accountable only to yourself, but the truth is, you are accountable to the team that trusts in you.

You spend a lot of time pondering how you can better build your business, but it’s more valuable to just execute a plan and see how that works. That’s the lean way.

You spend a lot of time talking to other smart entrepreneurs and individuals that your respect and trust. You get a lot of value from their infinite knowledge and wisdom, but then you recycle through them pretty quickly as you scale up your business.

You outgrow a lot of things, not like how you’d outgrow your favorite men’s dress shirt – that only happens if you’re working 12 hour days and eat McDonald’s because it’s a quick fix.

Your team grows with you though, and that’s incredibly valuable. You find smart people to work with, and they never disappoint. It’s finding more smart people to work with that’s hard.

It’s important to stick to what you believe in, especially your core values, and continue building an amazing story for yourself – something the media will just eat up and something that you can be super proud of.

These are just some thoughts from a custom dress shirt entrepreneur, looking to change the way men shop through co-creation.