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When Relationships Get Sour

What do you do when things go bad, just very, very bad? One example of relationships going sour is when you get blacklisted by a media contact. What can you do then?

Naturally, your reaction is to apologize for any wrong doing, promise you don’t do it again, and then learn from your mistakes. You won’t always be able to mend the broken relationship, but it’s really just important to learn about what you did wrong, why it was taken as offensive, and how you can better manage your existing and new relationships.

You will be very fortunate if you and the other party can just look past the issue and continue on like nothing happened.

We’ve experienced similar things in our men’s dress shirt venture. There are good times and bad times with friends, partners, and people in your network. But you just have to continue to tailor your approach for the different people you interact with because there is no one way to win one person’s heart, but several ways to tear a friendship apart, so be careful, tread softly.

Danny Wong is a co-creator of slim fit dress shirts, athletic cut dress shirts, and made to measure dress shirts.